My dad was tring to download a very interesting video to demo at his Unit: Quantas CEO Geoff Dixon on CNN’s Boardroom, speaking about, among other things, his lack of a paper ‘degree’.

While hunting around, I came across KeepVid (via CNET), a web based tool that allows the downloading of streaming video. I tried a few YouTube videos and it works very nicely. Neato!

I couldn’t actually get it to download the CNN video, but for that dad found another tool: Replay AV 8. The demo version only allowed capturing 5 minutes or 5 MB, whichever came first (effectively cutting off the bit dad was after – the bit about not having a degree!), but it worked really well. The learning curve was a bit steep, but the product appeared solid, and well worth the 50$ price tag.

The CNET article has more info on the topic.

Incidentally, this is my first post using Windows Live Writer. So far it looks pretty cool. Thanks, Janaka, for the heads up!