My WordPress Blog appears as the 2nd result in a Google search for “rukmal”. Woo hoo!

<sinister_plan>Next taget: getting #1</sinister_plan>

Searches for “rukmal fernando” or “rukmal blog” or “rukmal fernando blog” all point back to me on the first few links, so that’s not too bad. The last one incidentally has only a couple of links to me, probably because I haven’t used my full name (i.e.: “Rukmal Fernando”) in my blog.

Ah.. the joys of shameless self-exaltation!

p.s.: Ok, I admit it… while I’m not going overboard to fool PageRank (1|2) those links were placed there in the vain hope that it will bump up my rank just a tad little bit… now that’s not evil, is it? 🙂