Hunting around for a disposable e-mail address for a site registration, I came across Mailinator – a no-registration, no-login, easy to use service. At any crappy site which requests an e-mail address to ‘verify’ you, simply enter <anything>, and a mailbox is automatically created, which can hold e-mails for ‘3-4 hours’. Checking it is a snap, with no login, and just the entry of the e-mail address.

Alternatively, each home page visit suggests a brand new, pseudorandom, 14-character mail alias. I thought the idea was really neat… I have come across SpamGourmet before, but for quick and dirty do-it-and-forget-it type of things, I would much rather prefer Mailinator. Of course, SpamGourmet is more feature laden and configurable so it’s no doubt a very nice tool.

The guy who created Mailinator blogs about his creation, and is a very interesting read. mentioned both of these in an article too.