I’ve completed 3 weeks of lectures with the brand new class I was assigned at IIT. It’s a first year, second semester introductory course on Database Systems. The students seem to be a reasonably decent bunch, and this time I’ve got slideshows again, since the course material is developed at Westminster.

Addressing the post title, I just finished the TOEFL iBT test today. I have a tendency to be indirect in my communication (there I go again…) and I had slight time overruns on the spoken section, but overall it was easy enough, even though I did no preparation beside the free sampler. I would however very strongly encourage any test-takers to at least go through that, to get a feel for what the exam’s going to be – it’s very easy to get lost in the screens in the middle of exam anxiety. My microphone test failed 3 times too, and finally worked only when I held it right over my mouth, and I hope the test responses were recorded well enough.

My passport has sadly been held up, and therefore I have so far been unable to register for the IELTS exam. Need to get that over with, as soon as possible too!