Much has happened since my last post in mid-February.

For one, I was at my College‘s annual Limited-over Cricket encounter with our brother school, St. Joseph‘s on the 10th of March, when I was informed around 5 that my Grandmother, who was living with us since 1987, had passed away earlier in the afternoon. Similar to my Grandfather, who passed away peacefully in 2001 with all of us around him, she too had passed away peacefully with my parents and my sister with her as she left us. The funeral was held on the 12th, at a cemetery nearby.

The next weekend I joined my team-mates on our annual 2-day outing, this time to Amaya Lake (formerly Culture Club). Had a lot of fun, played cricket after a break of a few years, and gorged myself at every meal (and broke my red-meat abstinence too).

In spite of my worries, I managed to do well in my TOEFL, scoring 115 out of 120 in the Internet Based Test. Lectures are also progressing well, and I am very close to the end of my 3rd teaching assignment, after which I plan to take a break from teaching. I have also started working on the latest project at work, working on the Framework for our Centura-to-DotNet port – a challenging, but very interesting project.

The Minor was also out of its body work repairs, but is still not completely done. The silencer needed some work, which I managed to get done last Saturday, but its lights etc. are not properly wired yet, and I’ll put it in for that work tomorrow. Seats and interior upholstery was also re-done, and we’re waiting for the front buffer to come from Chrome Plating.