Some welcome news, at last, came 4 days ago in the form of an article announcing Microsoft’s budget software strategy.

This echoes sentiments that my dad and Tariq, among many others, have expressed for a long time. If publishers of books (especially Computing etc.) can make a not-so-fancy-but-complete edition of their books available for sale inside the subcontinent at a reduced price, a lot of people would buy them. The spread of software piracy in this region is more likely the result of software priced beyond the reach of the average consumer, rather than a purely sinister desire to obtain a product illegally. Finally, it seems that Microsoft is also picking up these vibes. While I have never been Microsoft’s biggest fan, I think this is one of their smartest moves. Make it affordable, and then you have a serious tool to market your stuff with. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, now did it?