Looking to send a Audio clip to a friend, and not having a decent MP3 encoder around, I came across Media-Convert which promises to covert files between various types of audio, video, mobile phone ringtone formats, image, document, archive and some more that I’m sure I missed.

Instead of downloading the Wav file in question (who keeps around uncompressed audio, anyway?) Media-Convert let me simply point to the URL of the source file, specify my output format and presented me a link for the MP3 file, active for 24 hours.

I personally found the MP3 file size (at 44KHz / 128kbps / CBR) to be too big, but I didn’t really get much of a chance to test out the encoder. It did seem to work though, and I’ll probably get the need to test it out again some day in the future. More details will have to wait till then.