It would have been quite difficult to not know about the Cricket World Cup that just finished at Barbados.

Sure, we Sri Lankans were not the only ones looking forward to the Lions crushing the Aussies, but the Australian line-up was, without a doubt, strong and near-flawless. But one thing that I am confident about, is that the Sri Lankan Cricketers will receive a hero’s welcome – reaching the finals was no piece of cake, and they fought all the way even when the odds were stacked against them.

Which brings me to another point. The commentators, both on the live telecast and elsewhere, were so worried about how the Sri Lankans did not simply concede the game when the umpires offered the chance to stop the game due to bad light (which also implied that theoretically, the match should have been continued the next day). While it is true that there was no chance to win, and I do realize that playing was near impossible, it is preposterous to expect a team to just give up a game on the finals of the biggest event of the Cricketing calendar. Three hearty cheers to the team (and also to the Aussies, who did in the end oblige to play along) and the umpires for holding up the sport – not the victory celebration.

On a related note, and touching a topic I usually prefer to avoid, the LTTE terrorists chipped in with an aerial attack on the city, attempting to bomb the main oil refinery and a private LPG storage facility. The terrorist’s web site incidentally reported these as “oil storages that supply fuel to Sri Lanka Air Force” even though they supply for the whole of Sri Lanka (which is where they too steal from). By attacking civilian targets on a day when all of Sri Lanka, regardless of ethnicity and other shallow bounds, were united in wishing the team well, the terrorists once again proved that they are not ready for any compromise. It’s time the world takes note that the LTTE are terrorists; nothing more and certainly nothing less.