It’s been over 7 months since my last post, and a lot of things have happened since then.

Most important, perhaps, is that the Sri Lankan government managed to defeat the LTTE terrorists. I shall leave the political commentary to those more qualified than I am; but I can certainly comment on my beliefs.

Like everyone else I know from Sri Lanka, I was no proponent of war. I have tons of Tamil friends myself, and I believe we can all live together as citizens of one united country. Being a minority in Sri Lanka myself (as a Catholic), I understand that minority communities might not always feel that their rights are protected. The problems may have been there, but democracy is unfortunately not perfect and for me the terror campaign of the LTTE can never be justified. If the JVP joined mainstream politics, and so did Karuna Amman (the LTTE defector who is now effectively the 2nd in command of the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s party, the SLFP), I don’t see why the LTTE could not lay down their weapons and take things up politically.

While I was fortunate enough to not be in the midst of the war, I certainly saw its impact. The anxiety anytime someone stepped outside; the killings of moderate and well respected Tamil leaders like Lakshman Kadirgamar    because they did not say the things the LTTE wanted Tamils to say; the horrific slayings of civilians around the country – and towards the end the killings of innocent Tamil civilians escaping from the LTTE areas. 

In the end, I completely believe that the Sri Lankan government’s actions were correct and timely, if not long overdue. The world has been ridded of a most terrible cancer, but certainly a long road of reconstruction, integration and dialogue is ahead of us.

Secondly, since January I’ve been on a 6-month internship at SeaChange International, the leading Video-on-Demand and Advertising solutions provider. The work experience has been great so far too.

A reading group at work was discussing Andy Hunt‘s excellent book Pragmatic Thinking & Learning: Refactor Your Wetware, and one of the ideas in it was to constantly write down thoughts and ideas. I started using EverNote, and wanted to resume blogging, but it just took me way too much time to put enough thought into a proper post, and so I was thinking of micro-blogging for a while. Finally it was Scott Hanselman‘s howto that pushed me over. Anyway, I am tweeting now, and hopefully I’ll be able to sustain that as a regular habit.