This is meWell, maybe a Blog isn’t exactly the best place to create a home page, but what the heck – if you can create a few pages, might as well do it, I say!

I do actually have an old home page of sorts. But, like most other things free that page comes bundled with a free bandwidth cap, and so I have something like a mirror page here.

Since joining Northeastern for my postgrads, I’ve put my ‘official’ stuff on my homepage there, but I’ll probably just keep my ‘unofficial’ junk here and just keep a link between the two. I also have a brief bio there.

Since my blog update frequency is itself more on the low side, my home page update frequency is statistically even less, and therefore a mirror page shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Maybe, if I come to a point where I find myself updating my homepage more frequently, I’ll get off my chair and do something properly.

So, please feel free to checkout my life, my career and of course my blog here and there.