• BigBrother: Recording, Monitoring and Matching User Behaviour Patterns to Support Authentication of Network Users – Informatics Institute of Technology, 2005 (BSc Thesis).
  • A Deterministic Profiling Approach to support Behaviour Anomaly DetectionInternational Information Technology Conference (11-12 th October 2006, Colombo, Sri Lanka). [PDF], [Presentation]
  • User Impersonation Detection: A Behaviour Anomaly based Deterministic Approach – Institute of Electrical Engineers, Young Member’s Section, Annual Technical Conference. (3rd September, 2005, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka). [PDF]
  • Some older miscellaneous essays on various topics


  • Silver Award at National Best Quality Software Awards 2005 – Tertiary student category
  • Honorary Mention for “Best Paper” at International Information Technology Conference (IITC) 2006

My resume is up to date, and my older CV has more details.